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Spirit Cave Geode #050918
Spirit Cave Geode

Spirit Cave Geode #050918

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Spirit Cave Crystal geode filled with interesting and unique botryoidal Hyalite Opal, Quartz Crystals and chalcedony from Mexico. Spirit Cave Geode is a highly metaphysical crystal and a wonderful crystal tool for manifestation. Spirit Cave Geode shows us how we can hold ourselves sacred and safe, as well as, be nurtured by Mother Earth. Spirit Cave Geode unifies harmony, joy, and connects one with their inner child and fosters playfulness. The feelings of struggle are released replaced by hope and a sense of purpose. Meaningful realizations of life's mysteries may be meditated on while gazing into the textural surface area of the spirit cave and deeper into the metaphysical spaces in between. Spirit Cave Geode may be helpful during shamanic journeys in connecting with the elemental realms and going beyond the veil. Spirit Cave Crystal connects with the Third Eye, Crown and Sacral Chakras.  The Solar Plexus and Heart chakras may also be strengthened.

In healing, Spirit Cave Geode may be helpful to release the underlying causes of mucus production and other sinus problems.  

5.8oz/ 165g         2.5" x 2.3" x 1.7"/ 65mm x 60mm x 44mm                 $60.00 

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