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Soulmate - Tantric Twin


Soulmate - Tantric Twin Crystal draws a soulmate to your side - although this soulmate may not be a sexual partner.  Soulmate - Tantric Twin Crystals are a pair of crystals approximately the same size growing from a common base, joined together along one side but with distinct and separate terminations.  Tantric means "union of energies".  The closer they are in size, the more harmonious will be the partnership.  These stones have a powerful message concerning the bonding of two people into a close and intimate relationship. A twin crystal of unequal-sized sections is useful on a relationship with mother-daughter, father-son, employer-employee, it helps manifest unconditional love.  A double terminated tantric twin is the perfect stone for ascension - raising your vibration, it brings the higher self into line with the soul's purpose.