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Snowflake Obsidian Marbles #030517
Snowflake Obsidian Marbles

Snowflake Obsidian Marbles #030517

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Beautifully patterned black and white speckled Snowflake Obsidian spheres the size of large marbles. Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity, providing balance for body, mind and spirit. Snowflake Obsidian helps recognize and release "wrong thinking," removing stressful mental patterns. Snowflake Obsidian promotes clarity and inner centering. With the aid of Snowflake Obsidian, isolation and loneliness become empowering, aiding surrender in meditation and deeper insight. When placed on the sacral chakra, Snowflake Obsidian calms, soothes and puts one in the right frame of mind supporting a attitude of openness when it comes to solutions and opportunity. 

Crystal balls and spheres are crystals that have been shaped and polished into a spherical shape. The shape of the sphere sends energetic light vibrations in all directions.  The smooth surface of the sphere facilitates clear communication and helps to keep the energy flow moving. Crystal Balls and spheres are excellent tools for divination. In a practice called Scrying, one intuitively “gazes” the surface and into depths of the Sphere using the Crystal ball as a “window” to gain information.  The energetic vibrations from the crystal ball connects to the energies of the conscious body, making the intuitive visions “seen” from the third eye chakra strong and clear. Crystal Balls help to empower the mind with awareness and direct supporting healing energies for the conscious body.  Moving energy through time, Crystal Balls and spheres may enable one to see circumstances from a different perspective. Crystal Balls may be effective in purifying and healing any leaks in the auric field. Crystal balls and spheres are excellent "hand comforters" to use in times of stress. Holding crystals brings their healing vibrations into one’s auric field allowing for a shift in the energy fields. Crystal balls and spheres are also excellent crystal tools providing a focal point for meditation. 

.5oz+ / 15g+                 .9"+/ 23mm+                     1pc   $5.00 

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