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Singing Quartz Crystal Points #092219
Singing Quartz Crystal Points

Singing Quartz Crystal Points #092219

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Small but mighty! Powerful Singing Quartz Crystal Points from Madagascar. Singing Quartz Crystal are similar in structure to Quartz Laser Wands. Singing Quartz Crystals d produce a clear sweet resonance when they are gently touched together. This healing energetic connection creates a spectrum of sound compatible with the spectrum of light. Singing Quartz crystals produce a very powerful high energy vibration attuning one with the higher self. Singing Quartz Crystals open and connect to the higher crown chakra and all chakras.  Singing Quartz Crystals help to release energy blockages and heal the auric field. Singing Quartz Crystals help to bring joy to one’s life and encouragement to follow one’s pursuits. Singing Quartz Crystals provide a bridge of communication between the Earth plane and celestial and extra-terrestrial beings.  It has been said that using Singing Quartz Crystals in a grid may stimulate possible communication and visitation from other worldly beings. 

In healing, Singing Quartz Crystals connect Earth healing energies with the vibrations of the celestial realm. Singing Quartz Crystals facilitate healthy cellular structures and may be used in the treatment of hearing deficiencies and disorders of the ears.

 .5"+/ 12mm+          2 pieces for $1.00

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