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Polished Shattuckite Tumblestone #112813
Polished Shattuckite Tumblestone

Polished Shattuckite Tumblestone #112813

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Beautiful teal, turquoise, blue, tan and brown patterned Polished Shattuckite tumblestone from Congo, Africa. Shattuckite is the stone for those who stand in their Truth. Shattuckite supports the sharing of truth with others through actions and not just words. Shattuckite is helpful in healing relationships where harmful words or judgmental thoughts have hurt others or one self. This stone teaches self- responsibility as the first path to spiritual awareness. Shattuckite helps one to understand where ones life is out of alignment with the truth and helps balance and creates thought and action with integrity. One must first be in their truth in order to teach truth.  Shattuckite is a stone of connection to the inner realms, and provides clear understanding and communicating information from Spirit. Shattuckite stimulates mental and intuitive abilities to work together in unison.  Shattuckite is very helpful to those who study the disciplines of astrology, tarot, runes, the I Ching and other oracular guides. Shattuckite is a sacred and spiritual stone that heightens vibration and amplifies thoughts and brings clear metaphysical vision. It was named after the Shattuck mine when it was first discovered and known to develop psychic abilities like automatic writing and telepathy. Shattuckite facilitates clear communication with extraterrestrials. Shattuckite removes hypnotic commands and edicts against using psychic vision. Shattuckite may clear past-life curses and commands to secrecy, and useful in cases where past-life experiences have closed down metaphysical abilities. Shattuckite is strongly protective during channeling, ensuring that the entity does not take over the physical body; it reaches a high vibration, ensuring that the purest source is contacted.  
1oz/ 29g         approx. 1.2" / 32mm             1pc          $10.00 

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