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Selenite Natural Crystal Chunks
Selenite Natural Crystal Chunks

Selenite Natural Crystal Chunks

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Natural white Selenite crystal chunks from Brazil. Selenite’s vibration energetically brings one to the space between light and matter – a place of Oneness and manifestation for the highest good. Clear crystals, such as Selenite, allow for the light to shine through resulting in moments of illumination, expansion, and growth. Selenite crystals energetically connects with the divine and awakens one to the truth of self, giving insight and personal revelation as to who we really are and why we are here. The vibrations of Selenite creates clarity of mind, opens the crown and higher crown chakras, and helps one to access angelic consciousness and channels for higher guidance. Transparent Selenite allows one the clarity to literally see through things, as well as, resonates with supportive energies to complete projects. Illumination from clear crystals such as Selenite offer solutions to problems with greater insight and understanding of potential obstacles. Selenite helps one narrow their focus allowing one to be aware of the smaller details. Selenite also may illuminate the overall, bigger picture of a situation or opportunity. Selenite energetically lifts the veil of shrouding viewpoints of a limited, perceived reality. With more light available, our energetic vibrations are lifted and open us to soulful purpose, people with higher vibrations, divine manifestation, and spiritual guidance. Selenite crystals enhance creativity which energetically vibrates and ripples out to attract the higher frequencies of inspiration, supportive like-minded individuals, and the physical realization of manifestation for the highest good.

In healing, Selenite’s light vibrations may move stagnant, dense energies creating a beneficial flow preventing dis-ease and self-limiting beliefs.

1.2oz+/ 33g+            1.1"+/ 29mm+            1 piece      $2.00  

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