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CHAKRAS: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus 

VIBRATION: Number 1 

ZODIAC: Libra and Leo 

CHARACTERISTICS: Leadership, Strength, Abundance of Blessings 


ATTRIBUTES: Reminiscent of the sun, the name Sunstone comes from this crystal’s warm, orange to red-brown color with reflective light inclusions of either Goethite or Hematite. Sunstone is a form of Oligoclase, a member of the Feldspar group. Sunstone is a crystal of protection; an energizing stone, bringing life and abundance to those fortunate enough to carry or wear the crystal. Sunstone clears and energizes the chakras, dissipates fear, increases intuition, alleviates stress and increases vitality with a feeling of “joie de vivre.” Sunstone encourages independence and originality. Sunstone links your life plan for the present incarnation and assists in fulfilling karmic contracts. Sunstone detaches one from feelings of discrimination, disadvantaged against, and a sense of abandonment. Sunstone reverses the feelings of failure and switches to a more positive attitude when dealing with life events. Sunstone assists one in detaching from old patterns while supporting and encouraging unconventional and exciting opportunities to attain one's goals. Sunstone is a great crystal to carry for those who have a hard time saying “no” and are continually making sacrifices for others. Sunstone supports the discovery and healing of blockages and issues regarding self-awareness and self-love. The vibrations of Sunstone support leadership qualities and help one find the inner conviction and self-discipline to move forward as fears and self-doubts are “melted” away. Sunstone helps to restore “sweetness” back into your life as it nurtures and supports your real self, encouraging one to step up and shine out. Sunstone is an alchemical stone that connects one to the regenerative power of the sun. Sunstone stimulates leadership qualities, creativity, sexuality, and increases physical stamina. Sunstone assists one in the manifestation of prosperity creating a sense of abundance in regard to all of one’s needs and desires. Sunstone stimulates concentration and focus. Sunstone also assists with the acquisition of knowledge and the attainment of wisdom. Sunstone was used by magicians to influence the sun and used by Canadian Indians in rituals of the medicine wheels and is believed to provide protection from destructive forces from the other realms. Sunstone is an excellent stone for grounding and protecting, harmonizing mind, body and spirit. Sunstone protects the soul and grounds the body during out-of-body journeying. Sunstone dissolves negativity and prevents negative energies entering the aura. 

HEALING: Sunstone this stone is helpful with chronic sore throats and in the treatment of disorders associated with the ears, nose, throat, intestines, alimentary canal, veins and esophagus. Sunstone helps to alleviate symptoms associated with rheumatism, aching feet, and some spinal problems. Sunstone increases metabolism, aids indigestion, reduces stomach tensions, relieves ulcers. Sunstone helps to balance the endocrine system and aids reproductive problems due to imbalanced hormones.



Sunstone when worn as a ring on the receptive hand (left hand) may help one to receive what you desire and fulfill your needs. When worn on the giving hand (right hand), Sunstone will aid in channeling, healings, and blessings to others. When worn over the heart as a pendant, Sunstone brings the heart’s wisdom into alignment with the mind’s inspirations. 

When meditating with this crystal, Sunstone helps with the illumination and increase in the overall vibration of one's kundalini. This results in a quickening of spiritual growth and allowing one to see the highest path of action in any situation. Sunstone collects the light frequencies of the golden ray. 

Sunstone is an excellent for business dealings due to its ability to reveal ego-based desires, the true motivations held by others, and expose dishonesty. 

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Sunstone clears and energizes the second and third chakras. Sunstone gently removes “energetic hook-ups” from other people. 

The energy of Sunstone combines well with other stones such as Moonstone, LabradoriteMoldaviteAmberSeleniteJetDanburiteLarimar, and Quartz.