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CHAKRA(S): Solar Plexus



ATTRIBUTES: Sulphur mineral is negatively electrified, which assists in removing negative willfulness and eliminates distractive intellectual thoughts and emotions that could affect emotional and intellectual bodies.  Sulphur attracts non-caustic attitudes providing assistance and grounding during exercises of the mental processes. Sulphur promotes abundance of energy, inspiration and stimulates devotion towards the realization of the perfect self.  South American and Mexican Indians used Sulphur in ceremonial healings.  It has been said that Sulphur creates the energetic synthesis of the four directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky.  The ancient nomadic tribes, of North America, also used Sulphur as an offering to the four cardinal directions to dissipate darkness and cleansed corruption from the Earth.  Sulphur has been used as a fumigant helping to discourage infestations of insects and negativity within the environment.

HEALING: Sulphur may be used in the treatment of disorders related to infections within the body.  Sulphur may be useful in the elimination of fibrous and tissue growth.  Sulphur may be used in baths to help alleviate painful joints and to reduce swelling.