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Spirit Quartz

CHAKRA(S): Crown and Higher Crown, Solar Plexus, cleanses All Chakras  

VIBRATION: Number 1 and 3   

CHARACTERISTICS: Spiritual evolution and harmony


SCIENTIFIC: Spirit Quartz is a silicon dioxide variety of Quartz that grows in an unusual formation that creates a candle or finger shaped central form ending with a faceted point and covered with a matrix of smaller druzy crystal terminations. Spirit Quartz is also known as Cactus or Porcupine Quartz. Because of its high, ethereal vibrations, Spirit Quartz is sometimes known as Fairy Quartz. Spirit Quartz color ranges from white, yellowish-brown, purple, lilac or gray-brown or may be artificially colored enhanced. Spirit Quartz hardness is rated at 7 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. Spirit Quartz is found in South Africa.

ATTRIBUTES:  Soft purple hued Spirit Quartz connects one with the spirit realm, is uplifting to the soul, and radiates high vibration energy in all directions. Spirit Quartz is an exceptional spiritual stone, assisting in the ascension process while activating the light body and facilitating multi-dimensional spiritual and cellular healing.  In meditation, Spirit Quartz channels the higher frequencies and light source allowing for deeper insight and focus. Spirit Quartz as a crystal tool helps to facilitate a state of deeper awareness, greater clarity, and harmony. The multitude of little crystal points on the crystal’s surface helps to amplify the energies of the Spirit Quartz and create a greater connection with the white light frequencies.  Spirit Quartz releases one from fearful and negative thought processes and creates feelings of peace, freedom, and a sense of harmony in one’s life. The more well-being and joy in your life allows for more harmonious energetic vibrations to ripple out to others. Spirit Quartz reminds us that we are all connected as it enhances and moves energy in multiple directions. Spirit Quartz is a wonderful crystal for manifestation and abundance. Spirit Quartz is a wonderful crystal tool for hospice and end of life transition support. Spirit Quartz is said to help guide the soul through the different dimensions of the afterlife. Spirit Quartz provides spiritual understanding and comfort to those who are left behind. Spirit Quartz is helpful in all metaphysical work, especially in ancestral healing, past life regression, and re-birthing. Spirit Quartz facilitates the transition between brainwave states, facilitating combination states, stimulating heightened awareness and psychic perception.  Spirit Quartz helps one release darker thoughts, worries, and negativity. Spirit Quartz supports the transition into positive thinking and intentions and connects one to guidance from their higher self. Spirit Quartz heals and realigns the etheric blue print for the present life through the vibrations of universal love. Spirit Quartz Crystal fosters self-forgiveness and pinpoints significant karmic connections. Spirit Quartz is a stone of non-duality, perfectly balancing male and female, yin and yang energies. 

HEALING:  Spirit Quartz is a master healer and offers multi-dimensional healing while refreshing cellular memory.  Spirit Quartz is beneficial for detoxification, fertility, and skin eruptions.  Spirit Quartz brings the body into balance.  


Spirit Quartz is a wonderful crystal tool for use in group work.  Spirit Quartz synthesizes group efforts and brings about productive harmony. Spirit heals discordant situations, instills patience, and overcomes excessive behavior. 

Spirit Quartz is a wonderful crystal tool for developing and enhancing psychic abilities, dreaming, and facilitating astral travel.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, the vibration of Spirit Quartz Crystal opens the crown and higher crown chakras, aligning and purifying the entire chakra system. Spirit Quartz vibrations works as a gentle and effective psychological, mental and emotional detoxifier.  The terminated point of Spirit Quartz may be used as a crystal wand to remove negative or diseased energy from the physical or subtle bodies.    

For Gaia Healing, Spirit Quartz may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy to help cleanse crystals, stones, and the environment while enhancing and stabilizing their energy in healing layouts, such as in a labyrinth. Spirit Quartz increases awareness and an understanding of the cycles of life. Spirit Quartz also supports community efforts for the greater good.

The energy of Spirit Quartz combines well with Quartz, Beryl, and Moldavite


AMETHYST SPIRIT QUARTZ (LILAC) opens the higher crown chakra, aligns, cleanses and purifies the auric field. Amethyst Spirit Quartz crystal brings about multi-dimensional healing. Amethyst Spirit Quartz cuts away negative attachments and entities, repairs leaks in the energy fields, clears the meridians, and balances the chakras. Amethyst Spirit Quartz facilitates transition to other states of being. Helpful in hospice situations, Amethyst Spirit Quartz assists a soul facing death and offers immense support and comfort throughout terminal illness.  Amethyst Spirit Quartz is an effective tool for spirit release, encourages a trapped soul to move towards the light and attracting guides towards the journey. 

AQUA AURA SPIRIT QUARTZ (ELECTRIC BLUE) is created when gold is bonded to Quartz. Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz brings about profound soul healing and emotional reintegration.  Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz realigns soul fragments from many lifetimes.  Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz is energetically freeing. Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz releases one from perceived limitations and encourages manifestation for your highest spiritual potential. 

CITRINE SPIRIT QUARTZ (YELLOW) works through the base and solar plexus chakras enhancing will power and vitality. Citrine Spirit Quartz helps one to feel empowered in their life. Citrine Spirit Quartz promotes self-awareness and generates a greater level of trust in the divine order of things. Providing a focus and direction in life, Citrine Spirit Quartz purifies intent, creates balance in relationships, and useful in manifesting true abundance while releasing dependence and attachments to material things. In business, Citrine Spirit Quartz gives focus to goals and plans.  In crystal healing grids, Citrine Spirit Quartz protects the house against electromagnetic smog or geopathic stress and heals disturbed earth energies. Citrine Spirit Quartz is helpful for conflict-resolution and sending forgiveness to those you feel you have wronged, or to ask for forgiveness for yourself or a world situation.  

FLAME AURA SPIRIT QUARTZ created from Titanium (Rutile) and Niobium heat coated on to Quartz.  Flame Aura Spirit Quartz is a powerful initiation tool.  Flame Aura Spirit Quartz may create a profound multi-dimensional energy shift, opening and stimulating kundalini energy. Flame Aura Spirit Quartz adjusts its effect to provide what each soul needs for its evolution. 

SMOKY SPIRIT QUARTZ (GRAY) activates and aligns the base chakra with the third eye chakra, grounding and creating awareness of spiritual insight that happens living everyday life.  Smoky Spirit Quartz is a strongly protective crystal with powerful cleansing properties for integration.  Smoky Spirit Quartz is an effective crystal tool for shamanic work, journeying, and hospice work.  Smoky Spirit Quartz cleanses the subtle bodies, removing karmic and emotional debris and reprograms cellular memory, ensuring a good rebirth.  Smoky Spirit Quartz is beneficial for any work that entails visiting the underworld or exploring the subconscious minds.  Smoky Spirit Quartz helps one recognize and release deeply held emotions, dis-ease, and traumatic memories.

WHITE SPIRIT QUARTZ resonates with the physical body. White Spirit Quartz acts like a cleanser on the physical level, preparing the body for higher energy vibrations and is supportive during the ascension process.