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CHAKRA(S): Root, Sexual/Creative, and Solar Plexus  

ZODIAC: Gemini 

VIBRATION: Number 5 and Number 6 

CHARACTERISTICS: Physical Strength, Vitality, Grounding and Balance 

ELEMENT: Earth and Fire 

ATTRIBUTES: Sphalerite is an excellent stone for those seeking balance and energetic grounding. Sphalerite is a stone of discrimination helping one distinguish between spiritual guidance and wishful thinking/fantasy. Sphalerite enhances mental clarity while aligning the astral body during the channeling of psychic information. Sphalerite stimulates the first three chakras and enhances one’s life force, courage, creative inspiration, greater success in manifestation, and clearer thinking.  Sphalerite encourages one to take care of one’s physical body and the importance of maintaining a properly nourished and loved “temple of the soul.” Sphalerite is an excellent healing stone for those who are trying to break harmful habits or who are recovering from substance abuse. Sphalerite may be used to bring the yin/yang energies back into balance. Sphalerite may be used to assist one with a change in career that further serves the soul’s lifework. Sphalerite provides protection from negative energies that may surface when dealing with the public. 

HEALING: Sphalerite stimulates the immune system and is useful energetically in recovering from or preventing infection. Sphalerite has been used in the treatment of disorders of the eyes, to align the physical and nervous system to facilitate blood-flow disorders, to increase assimilation and provide balance with intake of nutrients. 


Sphalerite is an excellent stone for athletes, as it helps support a more positive, balanced connection with the physical body. Sphalerite assists with the oxygenation of the blood and the recovery of muscles after exercise and physical training.  

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Sphalerite also helps one determine whether the problems are physical or energy-based. Sphalerite energizes and strengthens the first three chakras. Sphalerite is very grounding and balances the upper chakras.   

For Gaia Healing, Sphalerite may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. Sphalerite is a useful stone for crystal grids, as it helps one draw energy and vitality from the Earth and release and recycle excessive energy back down into the Earth.

The energy of Sphalerite combines well with Zincite, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, and Smoky Quartz.