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Solar Christ Aura Quartz

CHAKRA(S): All including Soma, Etheric, Higher Crown  

VIBRATION: Number 1, 2, 4 & 9  


ATTRIBUTES: Solar Christ Aura Crystal is created from an iridescent gold and blue alchemical process of two tone Aura Crystals: Imperial Gold Aura and Blue Aqua Aura.  Imperial Gold Aura is pure quartz bonded with pure vaporized iron and Aqua Aura is pure quartz bonded with pure vaporized pure 24k gold bullion both done in high temperature vacuum chamber.  This two tone process creates an intense energy to raise the vibrations of humanity bringing union with the Divine and cosmic consciousness.  The combined energy of quartz, gold, iron, titanium, emanates a unique spectrum of subtle energies, providing the link between sacral, solar plexus, heart, third eye, crown, soma and higher crown chakras.  Solar Christ Aura Crystal may be used to activate the chakras and enhance other minerals for healing work and body layouts.  Solar Christ Aura is a crystal of abundance, attunement and manifestation. Solar Christ Aura is an excellent crystal tool aiding visualization and creating a profound peace in meditation.  Solar Christ Aura provides psychic protection and stops energy drains or psychic vampirism.  Solar Christ Aura may be programmed to amplify one's intentions in any area, activates soul energy, stimulates channeling, and deepens spiritual attunement and communication.  Solar Christ aura crystal unifies the vibration of the heart and solar plexus supporting the unity of love and will, manifesting abundance, optimism, benevolence, deep compassion and love.  

HEALING: Solar Christ Aura crystal is a master healer increasing vitality, balancing polarities, and heals auric holes. Solar Christ Aura supports a healthy thymus and immune system. Solar Christ Aura may help to protect against carpal tunnel syndrome. Solar Christ Aura aids with multi-dimensional healing and multi-cellular memory healing. Solar Christ Aura aids the digestive system, fortifies the nerves, stimulates the metabolism, cellular structures, helps prevent nervous exhaustion, and supports a healthy liver, kidneys and endocrine glands.