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VIBRATION: Number 7  

ZODIAC: Pisces & Virgo 

CHARACTERISTICS: Soothing, Release, Deeping of love and compassion 


ATTRIBUTES: Smithsonite was named after James Smithson, founder of the Smithsonian Institute. Smithsonite is an excellent stone for soothing the emotional body and relieving stress. Releasing tension and dispelling anger. Smithsonite can form as a buffer against problems, aids difficult relationships, and remedies unpleasant situations. It is an excellent stone for a secure and balanced life and the perfect stone to use for releasing stress that is almost at breaking point and for alleviating mental breakdown.  This crystal aligns the chakras and strengthens psychic abilities. This crystal connects to the Angelic Realms, Spirit Guides and resonates with the vibration of Kwan Yin, the Goddess of compassion. This stone has an extremely gentle presence, a stone of tranquility, charm, kindness and bestow favorable outcomes. It imparts harmony and diplomacy and an ideal stone for anyone who had a difficult childhood who felt unloved or unwanted. Smithsonite heals the inner child and alleviates the effects of emotional abuse and misuse. Smithsonite helps to counter negative energy and blockages within the energy field by introducing higher vibrations of emotion such as joy, peace, and compassion. 

HEALING: Smithsonite helps to heal a dysfunctional immune system, sinus and digestive disorders, osteoporosis and alcoholism. It restores elasticity to veins and muscles. It can assist to heal and balance the reproductive organs and endocrine system, useful in regulating weight and physical energy. Smithsonite is an excellent crystal for infertility issues and birth. 

Lavender- violet Smithsonite – has a gentle vibration, cleanses negative energy, facilitates joyful spiritual service and higher states of consciousness, and offers guidance and protection. Lavender-violet Smithsonite assists with soul healing and the return to past lives to reclaim soul energy that did not transition from a past-life death. It is an excellent stone for multidimensional cellular healing. 


Holding Smithsonite during psychic communications makes you intuitively aware of its validity.  Smithsonite is an excellent stone to use during meditation, as it calms and relaxes the mind. 

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, when Smithsonite is placed on the Crown Chakra, it connects one to the Angelic Realms and Spirit Guides. Smithsonite promotes relaxation during healing and body layouts by harmonization of one’s energy field. When both client and practitioner hold a piece of Smithsonite, the nonverbal rapport between them is greatly increased. Smithsonite may be used on any chakra, according to its color range. No matter where it is placed, its frequency will directly affect an aspect of the emotions. 

The energy of Smithsonite combines with LepidoliteAquamarineKunzite,  ChrysopraseIolite, and Phenacite.