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Crystals for the sense of smell

Smell is the oldest sense.  Olfaction allows smells, aroma, vapors, etc. to stimulate the Limbic System. The Limbic system allows the detection and information processing of scents that may be indicators of blooming flowers and beneficial herbs, warnings of noxious fumes, the pheromones of a sexual mate, or to determine the ingredients in a fab-u-lous glass of wine. Sometimes we are suddenly overwhelmed by scent memories – the smell of a lover’s perfume, wet dog, fresh coffee, a freshly baked pie, etc. Smell can create strong emotional responses as it connects us to our memories.

The sense of smell provides protection. The sense of smell allows one to pick up different environmental clues that occur as signs, symbols, and potential warnings. The smell of smoke is indicative of a fire and may be a warning. The smell test for leftover food in the refrigerator - safety first! Sometimes we smell things that are not physical but more of an intuitive feeling, like something doesn’t smell (feel) right or something smells fishy here. Gut check.


Anosmia is a term for those who have lost their sense of smell. Olfactory impairment may occur for several reasons such as the result of a head injury, brain damage, faulty olfactory processors, exposure to harmful toxins, increased age, inflammation and allergies, upper respiratory tract infections, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease. The loss of smell may create some psychological effects and nutritional concerns. People with Anosmia may experience depression as life may seem less flavorful both spiritually and physically. Nutritional challenges may occur since food has lost its flavor which may contribute to a change in whole food consumption and nutritional intake.

When we experience isolation or sensory challenges, we may lose our way from our true path and become separated from nature and our biological source. The frequencies of the Earth, water sources, plants and animals have an opening and balancing effect on our chakras. These life affirming earth elemental energies support and stimulate our chakras and our sensory experience of the environment. The sense of smell relates to the earth element and the Sixth Chakra.

Crystals for smell

Here are some crystal suggestions to energetically support Olfaction and the sense of smell:

Hessonite Garnet fosters self-respect and helps to eliminate feelings of inferiority and guilt. Hessonite Garnet provides courage to continue with personal endeavors. Hessonite Garnet encourages one to seek new challenges and seize opportunities. Hessonite Garnet is a useful crystal tool for meditation and intuition. Hessonite Garnet may help to heal disorders affecting the olfactory system.

Sardonyx is a protective and detoxifying stone. Sardonyx is a stone that supports willpower through strength and character. Sardonyx alleviates depression and overcomes the perceived loss of personal power. Sardonyx improves perception, aids absorption, and the processing of information. In healing, Sardonyx helps with the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste products. 

Coral stimulates intuition, psychic sensitivity, imagination, and adaptability.  Coral enhances mental clarity, provides insight on which option is the correct choice during periods of decision-making. Blue Coral activates and energizes the Third-Eye Chakra, enhancing psychic awareness. White Coral has been used to facilitate renewal of the cellular structure of the brain and olfactory structure. 

Azurite has a special resonance with the mind and mental processes, mental healing and stress relief. Azurite can energize and realign the subtle bodies with the physical, clearing the chakras. Azurite works at a cellular level to restore any blockage or damage to the brain.

Turtle totem teaches us to be adaptable and holds the mystery of awakening the senses. If a Turtle Totem shows up in your life, it is a sign to slow down the pace of your life and be present. Turtle teaches the art of grounding - once you learn to ground yourself to Earth's power and strength, you can place focus on your thoughts and actions and tap into the Earth's limitless energies. Turtle totem supports the senses with greater vision, heightened hearing, improved sense of smell, and assisting in the skills of clairaudience and clairvoyance. In the environment, Turtles are omnivorous – eating almost anything that comes along their path, whether it be an insect, a wide variety of plants, fish or other amphibians, even an occasional small mammal. Turtle totem reminds us of the opportunities that feed us along our path.