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Shaman Quartz Crystal

CHAKRA(S): All  

VIBRATION: Number 4, 7, 8 and 9  


ATTRIBUTES: Shaman Quartz Crystal, also known as Chlorite Shaman Quartz, is a clear crystal filled with beautiful internal layers, phantoms, and canyons that are colored by white and green and/or orange-brown mineral inclusions like Chlorite, Fluorite, Rutile, Hematite and Mica. Shaman Quartz Crystal is a powerful journeying crystal that helps to induce trances, visionary experiences, and soul healing.  Shaman Quartz crystal assists communication with the spirit realm and has a strong association with Mother Earth and facilitates healing journeys through nature.  Chlorite assists with self realization, provides support and releases one from regrets stemming from past events.  The presence of visionary Fluorite provides protection and discernment. Rutile provides protection and enhances out-of-body journeying and may pin point the karmic cause of dis-ease.  Hematite dissolves negativity, grounds and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. Mica heightens the connection to your higher self and sharpens intuition and gets to the bottom of things.  Shaman Quartz Crystal may be used in clearing cellular memories and ancestral line.  Shaman Quartz with Rutile is an excellent crystal tool for problem solving or obtaining answers.  Set out the problem in your mind, gaze into the Shaman Quartz and ask to “see” the solution.  Shaman Quartz absorbs negativity and environmental pollutants and clears out the buildup of stagnant energy anywhere in the subtle bodies or environment and removes energy implants.   


HEALING: Shaman Quartz Crystal is an excellent crystal tool working best with the subtle energy levels of being rather than the physical.  Shaman Quartz Crystal may be used as an anti-viral when held over the thymus at the first sign of cold or flu.