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CHAKRA(S): Root/Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Third Eye  

VIBRATION: Number 66 

ZODIAC: Taurus, Sagittarius, and Cancer 

CHARACTERISTICS:  Grounding, Group connection, and Earth healing


SCIENTIFIC: Septerye forms as a type of concretion. Septerye is formed when cracks appears in solidified silica found in seafloor sediment mineral accretions and fossil stones.  When the nodule (mud based rock) cracks, due to shrinkage, colonies of micro sea organisms settle into the cracks.  When these organisms and minerals crystallize, they create a layer of calcite which acts like a cementing type of bond between the cracks of the sedimentary mud rock, chalcedony and aragonite. This layer of calcite creates the distinctive, defining and contrasting "Dragon Skin" or giraffe skin pattern found in these concretions.  

ATTRIBUTES: Septerye is an excellent crystal support for self-nurturing, caring about others and caring for the Earth. Septerye energetically provides grounding, acceptance, flexibility, generosity and increases tolerance for self and others. Septerye also supports patience and endurance over the long haul. Septerye promotes freedom and the physical movement of the body. Septerye facilitates psychic abilities, telepathy, channeling out-of-body experiences, cleanses and rebalances the energies of the physical and subtle bodies. Septerye harmonizes and calms the mind and teaches discernment. Septerye enhances the ability to bring together groups of people with focused and clear communication of ideas and purpose.

HEALING: Septerye is a wonderful crystal tool for stimulating and focusing the body’s own unlimited healing powers. Septerye may be supportive in the well-being of bones, teeth and gums. Septerye may be helpful for the muscular system and skeletal structure.


Septerye is a wonderful crystal tool for public speakers as it helps with assisting with the deliverance of a clear presentation and audience interest in the message.

Septerye is a great crystal tool for survivals and outdoors enthusiasts as it supports the energy of preparedness.

A gardener’s or nature lover’s crystal tool, Septerye energetically connects one to the environment with the devic realm.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Septerye may be used as a grounding crystal that restores balance for meditation with its resonance to vibrations at a higher spiritual level. Septeyre directs energy into the physical body, stabilizing the Base and Earth Chakras.

For Gaia Healing, Septerye may be placed in an area of Earth energy or in the center of a drumming circle to resonate and generate feelings of compassion for others and appreciation for nature and all beings. Septerye clears negative energies from the environment, transforms geopathic stress and clears blocked ley lines.