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Runestone Feldspar Polished Sphere #100415
Runestone Feldspar Polished Sphere

Runestone Feldspar Polished Sphere #100415

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Beautiful, creamy peach colored Runestone Feldspar polished sphere from South Africa. The creamy peach colored Feldspar is embedded in milky Quartz creating interesting patterns. These Runestone markings appear similar to Chinese writing or abstract painting. Feldspar is the name of a family of silicates which are related to crystalline structures and chemical compositions. Feldspar assists one in detaching from the old, while encouraging unconventional, exciting methods to attain one’s goals. It has been found as a constituent of moonrock and provides for a connection and communication to inter-galactic intelligence. Feldspar assists in locating misplaced items. Feldspar can be used in the treatment of disorders associated with the skin and muscular structures. Feldspar also facilitates the understanding of previously unidentified messages both from within or without the self. The Runestone markings on this sphere may be used as a divination tool. 

Crystal balls and spheres are crystals that have been shaped and polished into a spherical shape. The shape of the sphere sends energetic light vibrations in all directions.  The smooth surface of the sphere facilitates clear communication and helps to keep the energy flow moving. The energetic vibrations from the crystal ball connects to the energies of the conscious body, making the intuitive visions “seen” from the third eye chakra strong and clear. Crystal Balls help to empower the mind with awareness and direct supporting healing energies for the conscious body.  Moving energy through time, Crystal Balls and spheres may enable one to see circumstances from a different perspective. Crystal Balls may be effective in purifying and healing any leaks in the auric field. Crystal balls and spheres are excellent "hand comforters" to use in times of stress. Holding crystals brings their healing vibrations into one’s auric field allowing for a shift in the energy fields. Crystal balls and spheres are also excellent crystal tools providing a focal point for meditation.

7.3oz/  208g                 2" dia/ 53mm dia       with stand          $45.00  

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