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Red Jasper Tumbled Stones #030819
Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

Red Jasper Tumbled Stones #030819

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Brick colored Red Jasper tumbled stones. Red Jasper is a helpful visionary crystal tool as it facilitates dream recall and provides a grounding, protective connection during shamanic journeying. Red Jasper is a stone for health and well-being. Red Jasper supports one during prolonged illness or hospitalization and re-energizes the body.  Red Jasper activates sexual energies and creative manifesting forces. Red Jasper brings problems to light before they become too big and provides insight to the most difficult situations, an excellent worry stone, calming the emotions. Red Jasper stimulates the base chakras and may be a helpful crystal tool for re-birthing and regression therapies.

In healing, Red Jasper cleans and stabilizes the aura and is a stone of health, strengthening and detoxifying the circulatory system, the blood and liver. Red Jasper may be helpful in dissolving blockages in the liver or bile ducts.  

  approx     1.1oz+/ 31g+                 1.4"+/ 37mm+                 1 piece           $2.00 

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