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Red Jasper Pendulum #102718
Red Jasper Pendulum

Red Jasper Pendulum #102718

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Beautiful Red Jasper Pendulum on a burnished antique chain capped by an earth toned patterned piece of Picture Jasper. This crystal pendulum may be the perfect crystal tool for divination as red jasper provides focus for energy that is nurturing, aligning, and protective. This crystal pendulum is an excellent tool for facilitating shamanic journeys and dream recall as red jasper provides grounding and protective energies.

In healing, jasper pendulums may be used in making validating healthy choices and additional clarity with diagnosis and health information. Red Jasper aligns the chakras and is a helpful crystal tool in chakra layouts. Offering energetic healing support, Red Jasper may be helpful during prolonged illness or hospitalization. Red Jasper is a stone of health, strengthening and detoxifying the circulatory system, the blood and liver.  

.8oz/ 23g                      with pouch   $33.00

Red Jasper pendulum measures approximately               1.1" / 29mm
Picture Jasper bead measures approximately        1.5"/ 40mm

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