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Red Jasper Crystal Point #122817
Red Jasper Crystal Point

Red Jasper Crystal Point #122817

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Beautiful brick colored Red Jasper Crystal Point from Brazil. This red jasper crystal point provides focus for energy that is nurturing, aligning, and protective. Red Jasper provides protection and grounds energies and the body. Red Jasper facilitates shamanic journeys and dream recall.  Offering energetic healing support, Red Jasper may be helpful during prolonged illness or hospitalization. Red Jasper is a stone of health, strengthening and detoxifying the circulatory system, the blood and liver.  Red Jasper acts as a reminder that one is not here, on this physical plane, just for oneself, but is also here to bring joy to others. Red Jasper aligns the chakras and is a helpful crystal tool in chakra layouts.  Red Jasper stimulates the base chakra connecting to grounding and revitalizing energies. 

9.9oz/ 281g          3.7" x 2.1" x 1.9"/ 95mm x 53mm x 48mm        $100.00 

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