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Record Keeper Crystals


Record keeper crystals have clearly etched pyramid shapes on its side or sides, sometimes the shapes are separated, so that the face is covered with triangles. Other Record Keeper crystals have only one triangle shape or some configurations are grooved around each other in a chevron pattern.  Record Keeper crystals symbolize the perfect harmony of mind, body, emotions, spirit and the all-seeing eye.  The “three” of the pyramid shape represents the perfect balance of the mind, body, emotions, and physical with love and the highest good. Record Keepers hold the imprint of all that has gone before and are portals for spiritual wisdom.  Record Keeper crystals are typically a personal meditation crystal. This crystal may be meditated with an openness and  integrity by placing the pyramid on the third eye which can access the personal or collective past. Record Keepers also may be used to re-attune to your own wisdom and to facilitate insights for evolution.  When Record Keepers are held and gently rubbed with a finger over the pyramid shapes, the "book of records" will open and you may attain access to the knowledge stored within the crystal. The information stored in the Record Keepers is said to provide a deeper access to personal wisdom and the ability to promote peace in one’s inner world and outwardly in the local and global community. Record keeper crystals resonate with the astrological sign of Aries and vibrate to the number 2 and the number 7.