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Rabbit Totem


Rabbit Totem

Rabbits are prey animals and are therefore constantly aware of their surroundings. Rabbits survive predation by burrowing, hopping away in a zig-zag motion, or making themselves “vanish” into their surrounding environment. If a rabbit is cornered or captured, strong teeth for biting and powerful kicks with their hind legs provide a defense and possible escape.

Rabbit totem supports strong survival skills both innate and learned. Rabbits are ground dwelling mammals that live in environments ranging from desert to tropical forest and wetland. Several physical attributes aid with Rabbit’s survival. The eyes of a Rabbit are located on the sides of the head creating a field of vision that encompasses nearly 360 degrees. Rabbit totem offers the protective and advantageous view of what’s ahead and what may be coming up from behind. Rabbit takes advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.  Elongated ears give Rabbit the ability to detect and avoid predators. Rabbits' ears are also an important physical adaptation helping with thermoregulation and the Homeostasis of body temperature. The Rabbit’s ears also act as a counterbalance for quick zig zagging movements while fleeing predators.

Rabbit totem energetically resonates with the season of spring. The rabbit is active both day and night but is most visible during the transitional parts of the day, the early morning, and the hour around dusk. Metaphorically, the Rabbit’s ability to “vanish” easily from sight represents the ability to identify or merge the lighter aspects of self with personal environments ~ coming out of the rabbit hole of self-awareness or going down via escapism and denial.

Quick footed and nimble, Rabbit can pivot and move depending on the circumstances and in response to erratic shifts in direction. Rabbits also are known to freeze in place and “disappear” into the landscape as a survival mechanism. Rabbit people may have the tendency to worry and ruminate on the “what ifs” causing fear and freezing any forward movement. Metaphysically, if you are experiencing a sense of “frozen” movement, maybe it is time for a pivot and a new direction. Or maybe it is an indication of a needed “time-out” or pause to re-evaluate your plan, review your achievements and progress on goal targets. Release any negative self-talk and focus on the positive. Create your own path to abundance. Rabbit totem in Chinese astrology is thought to be very lucky and gives one a sense of what the next right action will be. Make a plan and Hop to it!!!

The Rabbit and the Moon are linked through cultural stories throughout the world. The Rabbit’s cycle of life, death, and rebirth mirrors the lunar phases of the Moon. Rabbit is also associated with Yin (feminine, receptive) energy. If Rabbit is your totem, pay attention to 28 day/lunar cycles. Rabbit will help you attune to the lunar cycles as well as recognize the “monthly” or shorter-term cycles in your life, seeing the signs of the ebb and flow of the currents/tides in your life. By recognizing these signs, you may become more fertile in your life. 

Rabbit is a symbol of Love and a totem of sexuality, fertility, and everlasting renewal. Rabbits are remarkable procreators with female rabbits having a short gestation period of four weeks and the ability to mate approximately two weeks after giving birth to a litter. Multiple that by four or five litters of three to six babies per female per year = a heck of a bunch of bunnies! Another metaphysical reason Rabbit totem also represents abundance and renewal.

In healing, Rabbit totem may be helpful for those who need to improve their diets and eating habits. Rabbits are herbivores that feed by grazing on grass and constantly consuming other leafy plants. Rabbits eat A LOT of fiber. Rabbit totem may suggest adding more veggies to your diet and review how much and what kind of food is nourishing your body. Rabbit totem may be helpful for those with body temperature regulation challenges and lack of flexibility.

People who identify with the Rabbit totem often take up a profession with a creative flair, such as, teaching, architecture, art, music, or literature. Rabbit people are friendly and do well in areas of social media or Public Relations.