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CHAKRA(S): Heart, Root


ZODIAC: Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius


CHARACTERISTICS: Life force, courage, protection, passion, strength,

enthusiasm and adventurousness


ATTRIBUTES: Ruby is a stone that encourages one to “follow their bliss.” Ruby is an excellent stone increasing life force energy or “chi” in life, as it overcomes exhaustion and lethargy, and calms hyperactivity. Ruby is a sociable stone that attracts sexual activity through its stimulation of the base chakra. Ruby encourages passion for life but never in a self destructive way. Ruby improves motivation and setting of realistic goals and gets “things going.” Given this stone's protective effect, it makes you stronger during disputes or controversy. Ruby encourages one to step forward and speak the truth for those who may be threatened. Ruby promotes positive dreams and clear visualization, stimulates the pineal gland. Ruby is a stone of courage, dispelling doubt and relieving anxiety. Ruby inspires one to be who they are supposed to be. Ruby is one the stones of abundance and aids retaining wealth and passion.

HEALING: Ruby detoxifies the body, blood and lymph and treats fevers, infectious disease, and restricted blood flow. Ruby is extremely beneficial for the heart and circulatory system. Ruby stimulates the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs and spleen. Ruby is helpful in regulating the metabolism and promoting feelings and appreciation of our physical bodies. Ruby provides support for those recovering from addictions and self-abuse.

Ruby in Ziosite

RUBY IN ZOISITE (ANYOLITE) activates the crown chakra, creates an altered state of consciousness and facilitates access to soul memory and spiritual learning. Ruby in Ziosite may be extremely helpful in soul healing and past-life work. Ruby in Ziosite has the unusual property of promoting individuality while at the same retaining a balanced interconnection with the rest of humanity. Ruby in Ziosite powerfully amplifies the bio-magnetic field around the body.

Ruby in Quartz Matrix

RUBY CRYSTALS may help one access and understand ancient writings covering  esoteric principles of religious movements, the structure and attributes of occult knowledge, and information from the akashic records relative to the development of the intuitive, psychic and astral abilities. Ruby crystals have been known as the star of purity and the star of fire, initiating action and assisting the Earth in receiving the full spectrum of light required for the progression of humanity toward the access of the spiral leading to enlightenment. Some of these Ruby crystals are recognized as record-keepers, containing the knowledge from the ancient realm of civilization, astral travel with these crystals has been quite successful.

Ruby in Kyanite

RUBY IN KYANITE: The combination of Ruby and Kyanite creates an energetic support for the throat chakra, the heart chakra, and the base chakra. Ruby in Kyanite supports speaking from the heart and facilitates the vocalization and resolution of basic difficulties, issues, and obstacles in a loving manner. Working in conjunction with the energy of Ruby, Kyanite produces an energetic vibration that helps to prevent the accumulation and retention of negative energy or vibrations. Ruby produces an energy which is beneficial to the Kyanite, providing one with protection and security. Ruby in Kyanite also assists in astral travel. Ruby in Kyanite is also a useful stone for meditation and accessing the astral plane and when connecting with spirit guides. Ruby in Kyanite is an excellent crystal attunement stone that initiates the movement of Kundalini energies.



For those who seek additional vitality, wearing Ruby activates one’s physical, mental and emotional bodies. Ruby is an excellent stone for supporting optimism and determination while inspiring confidence.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Ruby stimulates the heart chakra and balances the heart. The stone is a powerful shield against psychic attack and vampirisms of heart energy. Ruby crystals emit a pure Red Ray vibration therefore is a powerful tool for stimulating the root chakra, bringing additional life force and vitality into one’s being. Ruby is also excellent for grounding and alleviates spaciness, dizziness, and other systems of stress and energetic overload. Ruby is an excellent stone for use in re-birthing and for releasing blockages.

For Gaia Healing, Ruby may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. Ruby, Carnelian, and Chlorite are a useful combination of stones for crystal healing grids, as they eliminate psychic attack and assist earth-bound spirits to leave an area. Creating a crystal grid with these three minerals may protect one and one’s environment from the return of negative energies.

The energy of Ruby combines well with Blue Sapphire, Proustite, Cuprite, Zincite, Rose Quartz, and Morganite