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Quartz with Epidote 
CHAKRA(S): Third Eye


ZODIAC: Aquarius

ATTRIBUTES: Quartz with Epidote may be used in remote viewing providing one with psychic understanding that may be helpful in detailing what has been seen with accuracy. Known as an Oracle Stone, Quartz with Epidote may stimulate abilities to see the auric field, opens and energizes the third eye chakra, initiates clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, and may be used as a crystal tool in the field of phrenology.  Quartz with Epidote may be used to transfer healing energy helping to overcome destructive influences or trauma.  Quartz with Epidote may also be used as a manifestation crystal when Epidote is totally enclosed within the quartz crystal.  Quartz with Epidote promotes a unique energetic bond between participants providing a source of connection during travel and holiday seasons.  Quartz with Epidote is a stone of focus and perseverance helping one to maintain energy and the clarity of direction to accomplish goals and get things done. 

HEALING: Quartz with Epidote is an excellent crystal healing stone. The energetic combination of Quartz with Epidote creates a diagnostic energy that resonates with healing energy vibrations.  Quartz with Epidote may be used in the treatment of disorders involving imperfect form and function.