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Sugilite Polished Cabochons #010918
Sugilite Polished Cabochons

Sugilite Polished Cabochons #010918

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Lovely deep purple colored Sugilite Cabochon from South Africa. Sugilite's energetic vibrations supports love and wisdom while opening and aligning all the chakras to the flow of unconditional love. Sugilite is powerful stone to open the Third Eye, the Crown and Etheric Chakras, and activates inner visions. Sugilite inspires spiritual awareness and channeling ability, teaches how to live your truth and reminds the soul for its reason for reincarnating. Sugilite provides spiritual grounding and protection, sets up a shield of light and considered the most powerful stone to invoke the violet flame of purification. Sugilite may be helpful in the exploration of past lives or the between-lives state to retrieve the cause of dis-ease. Sugilite is a loving stone protecting the soul from shocks, trauma, and disappointments and relieves spiritual tension. Sugilite brings light and love into the darkest situations, especially as one travels through the “dark night of the soul.” Sugilite alleviates sorrow, grief, fear and encourages self-forgiveness. Sugilite draws off negative energy and gives loving support, channeling healing energy into the body, mind and spirit. 

In healing, Sugilite is an exceptional pain reliever, and an excellent stone for self-forgiveness. The manganese in Sugilite clears headaches, discomfort at all levels, treats epilepsy, motor disturbances and brings nerve and brain into alignment. Sugilite may be used for learning difficulties, Asperger's autism, eating disorders, dyslexia, paranoia, addictions and schizophrenia.

.1oz+/   2g+                                   .6"+/ 16mm+                                1pc  $10.00

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