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Lingam Stone Polished Wand #093019
Lingam Stone Polished Wand

Lingam Stone Polished Wand #093019

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Beautiful with distinctive earth-toned bands of red, maroon, and brown colors, Lingam Stone polished massage wand from India. Lingam Stone wands are excellent crystal healing tools for facilitating emotional healing, spiritual development, cleansing and overall activation of the human energy field and chakra balancing. Lingams stones represent divinity and have traditionally been used in rituals, in temples, and on altars. As a sacred river stone, Lingam stones are thought to have regenerative powers that resonate with energies representing creation, the flow of time, movement, and purification. Lingam stone resonates with the vibrations of gratitude and respect for the physical body and all of its innumerable life supportive, and self-healing processes. Lingam stone's grounding vibrations allow one to connect with opportunities that come flowing, and sometimes tumbling, onto our path. Lingam Stones are wonderful support stones for those interested in offering their services to others and the community as a whole. Lingam stones with their banded markings remind us of time management accountability. Lingam Stones offer the opportunity to pause, appreciate and if necessary, evaluate how we spend the precious energetic resource of our time and attention.

In healing, Lingam stone is a wonderful crystal tool for restoring balance and overall general well-being. Lingam stone may be used to balance the fluids of the body, seek relief from back pain, and help with spinal alignment. Lingam stone may also be used for reproductive health, menopausal symptoms, fertility issues, and for prostrate health.

2.4oz/ 67g               4.4" x .7"        113mm x 18mm         $30.00
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