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Plate Crystal


Plate Crystal Configuration

Plate crystal clusters are like crystal sandwiches with the crystal structure held together by a lamellar habit matrix. These crystal structures form in a flat, plate-like shape; a description which gives this cluster configuration the name: Plate Crystal. In some specimens, the crystals are on located on both sides of the matrix. In other specimens, the crystals are found on one side with the matrix forming a foundation base. Plate crystal configurations may be found in thermally metamorphosed rocks of both igneous and sedimentary origins. Plate crystal clusters enhance the feelings of harmony and facilitate group dynamics offering energetic connection and the consideration and understanding of all represented points of view. Plate Crystal Clusters offer protection and purification in environments while energetically supporting cooperation, friendship, and intimacy in relationships, in the family, and in other social and/or business environments. Plate crystal clusters support the acknowledgement of sudden (think of a volcanic eruption – explosive!) change and how impactful this “surprise” energy may feel. Much like the crystal points facing multiple directions held together by a composite matrix, the plate cluster configuration may serve as a reminder that there are a lot options available with different directions to point your intentions. You get to choose! Choose JOY! The matrix holding the crystals together gives one the understanding that your decisions control the trajectory of your life and influences the energy of the collective whole.

For Gaia Healing, Plate crystal clusters may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy to facilitate and connect people with the understanding of how to heal and be an environmental caretaker for the Earth.

Plate crystal clusters resonate with the astrological signs of Gemini and Libra. Plate crystal clusters vibrate to the number 5.