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Pink Opal Tumbled Stone #062419
Pink Opal Tumbled Stone

Pink Opal Tumbled Stone #062419

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Beautiful pastel rose pink, grey and sandy white colored tumbled Pink Opal Stone from Peru. Pink opal is a wonderful crystal tool for supporting and healing the emotions. Pink Opal clears blocked energies and is calming to the heart creating a sense of peace. Pink Opal helps one to resolve pain from old wounds releasing painful memories with gentleness and compassion. Pink Opal may be a helpful crystal tool for use in past life regressions. Pink Opal resonates with a nurturing vibration aiding in grounding light energies in the aura while identifying and clearing unwanted emotional issues. Pink Opal promotes a positive outlook. Pink Opal facilitates open and clear communication with angelic beings.  

In healing, Pink Opal is helpful for those who have trouble sleeping or who have nightmares. Pink Opal is soothing to the heart and may help balance an irregular heartbeat. Pink Opal supports lung function and oxygenation by the body. Pink Opal helps to remove energetic blockages in the physical body and assists with the dispersal of fibroids and various types of cysts. 

1.6oz/ 46g                2.1" x 1.3" x .7"/ 54mm x 34mm x 20mm                 $30.00

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