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CHAKRA(S): Crown


ATTRIBUTES: Purpurite stimulates the Crown Chakra and increases ones spiritual aspirations.  This mineral provides strong dispersion capabilities, assisting one to break-out of old patterns and conditions.  It facilitates both insights to that which would occur,  and that which one could accomplish.  It provides one with the freedom of material world and rids one of undue modesty.  Purpurite sometimes  exhibits pleochroism, producing grey in the X-axis and red, purple in the Y-axis.  The color ranges from red, purple, or dark red-purple.  This mineral is an "imperial stone", providing access to expedient materialization  of that which is chosen.  It provides purity  and stimulates higher thoughts, facilitates planning and actions to continue on the journey toward enlightenment.  It assist in speaking with confidence and freedom, providing protection from interfering energies during the verbalization of ideals and concepts.

HEALING: Purpurite may be used in the treatment of hemorrhages, bruises, and superficial wounds. Purpurite may assist in providing proper transport of the blood from the heart to the lungs.  It can be used to control the level of uric acid and to stabilize the pulse rate.  This mineral can also assist in the purification of the blood.