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CHAKRA(S): Crown and Third Eye

VIBRATION: Number 9 


CHARACTERISTICS: Courage through transformation and Insight 

ELEMENT: Wind and Earth

SCIENTIFIC: Purpurite, a manganese iron phosphate mineral, occurs as an oxidized mineral crystallizing in the form of the orthorhombic system on matrix. Purpurite’s hardness is rated at 4-4.5 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. Purpurite color ranges from burgundy red to purple. Purpurite’s name, referring to its coloring, is derived from the Latin word, “purpura.” Purpurite is found in Africa, Australia, Europe, and North America. 

ATTRIBUTES: Purpurite resonates with the Violet Ray stimulating the Crown Chakra and increasing spiritual aspirations.  Purpurite provides energetic support to assist with the release of old patterns and unsustainable circumstances. Purpurite offers energetic protection, auric field cleansing, and spiritual connection. Purpurite aligns one with their true intentions and angelic guides opening the energetic portal to divine intervention and synchronous events. Purpurite is a wonderful crystal tool facilitating insight, forward action, dream fulfillment and goal setting. Purpurite supports speaking with confidence and freedom, providing protection from interfering energies during the verbalization of ideals and concepts.

HEALING: Purpurite may be used in the treatment of hemorrhages, bruises, and superficial wounds. Purpurite may assist in providing proper transport of the blood from the heart to the lungs. Purpurite may also be helpful in balancing mental energies and improve brain function. 


Purpurite is a supportive crystal tool for those in public speaking and creative work. 

Purpurite is calming and uplifting – helpful for those who are experiencing lethargy and depression.

Purpurite is a wonderful crystal tool for those overcoming procrastination and experiencing “boredom” in the mundane reality of daily life.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Purpurite may be used to activate and align all of the chakras. Purpurite is great for releasing negative attachments. Resonating with the Violet Ray, Purpurite energetically connects to the crown chakra and higher states of consciousness. 

For Gaia Healing, Purpurite may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy to help the healing of the Earth as it brings stimulating positive energy to the environment and helps one to ground and connect to elemental guidance. 

The energy of Purpurite combines well with Amethyst, Sugilite, Charoite, and Lepidolite.