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Petrified Wood

CHAKRA(S): Lower Chakras, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, and Heart

VIBRATION: Master Number 77


CHARACTERISTICS: Steady growth and grounding, past life recall


SCIENTIFIC: Petrified wood is created through a process called silicification where organic matter is replaced with silica-iron rich ground water and hardened over time through pressure and temperature into other minerals such as Chalcedony, Agate, and Quartz. Petrified wood’s hardness is rated at 6.5 to 7 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. The rainbow of color variations found in Petrified wood is created by the presence of inorganic compounds such as Manganese, Copper or Iron Oxides. Petrified wood is found in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, and in the USA – Arizona and Nevada.

ATTRIBUTES: Petrified wood is a stone of “transformation and patience.” Petrified wood may be helpful with the removal of annoyances and allows one to move to action to peacefully eliminate the situation. Petrified wood also may aid in the elimination of petty issues and worries and facilitates the understanding of “change what you can and let go of the rest.” Petrified wood provides strength during spiritual growth and helps one advance to the highest level and understanding of purpose. Petrified Wood fosters strength in all areas of life and provides grounding. Petrified wood also helps to understand the history and underlying causes of dis-ease so one may learn lessons not to be repeated. Petrified wood helps one release all that no longer serves the highest good and helps one turn past weaknesses into new strengths.

HEALING: Petrified wood has been used in treatment of atrophied muscles and paralysis. Petrified wood has been used to strengthen the back and align the skeletal structure. Petrified wood may be helpful for balance as it aligns the feet and creates an even gait when walking. Petrified wood may be used in the treatment of hearing loss and incontinence. Petrified wood is a good healing support and provides balancing energy for the liver and gallbladder.

Petrified wood is a helpful crystal tool to understand and read messages found in nature. Petrified wood helps one to follow with the flow and cycles of life. Petrified wood is also very helpful for those interested in past-life recall as it may facilitate the viewing and understanding of the Akashic records.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Petrified wood assists with grounding and “plugging” into the earth’s electromagnetic currents allowing for more energy to processed by the physical body.

For Gaia Healing, Petrified wood may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. Petrified wood is a useful stone for environmental healing grids, as it assists and encourages communication with nature spirits and channels healing energy to the Earth.

The energy of Petrified wood combines well with Agate, Jasper, Chalcedony, Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Onyx, Carnelian, and Opal.