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Owl Totem


owl totem

Owl is a nocturnal bird of mystery and myth. The owl is a symbol of the feminine and is associated with the moon. It is believed to have great healing powers, prophecy and wisdom.  The ancient Greek goddess Athena had an Owl companion that revealed unseen truths to her. If you have owl medicine, you may see that which others do not, which some believe is the essence of true wisdom. Owls have long been a symbol of the darkness within – a place where soul truths are hidden.  Owl medicine you will be able to see and hear what others try to hide. Owl medicine also helps to discover your own hidden truths. Listen with your heart. You will hear what is not being said, and will be able to pinpoint what may be found in the shadows. Pay attention to signs and omens. The truth always brings further enlightenment.  The owl is symbolically bound to the renewal of life – cycle of death and regeneration.  The depth of an owl’s wisdom includes not only the ability to bring what is dark into the light, but also has the ability to live in the dark itself. Siberian and Inuit Eskimo shamans regard them as helping spirits and a source of powerful aid and guidance. The Owl soars silently through the evening on gracefully spread wings as night greets the day.