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Orthoceras and Spider Web Jasper Pendulum #101818
Orthoceras and Spider Web Jasper Pendulum

Orthoceras and Spider Web Jasper Pendulum #101818

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Beautiful black and grey Orthoceras fossil and spider web jasper Crystal Pendulum. This pendulum may be the perfect crystal tool for divination as Orthoceras may be used to enhance telepathy. The powerful energetic combination of Orthoceras and Spider web jasper may be helpful as a crystal tool for manifestation. Metaphysically, Orthoceras supports business and one's personal environments by aiding and allowing recognition of one's accomplishments. Spider web jasper is a manifestation stone supporting the knowledge that everything you create now is weaving what you will encounter in the future. Spider web Jasper’s encompassing feminine energies supports creative power. Spider Web Jasper reminds us of the connection and responsibility we have for each other. Spider Web Jasper allows for a wider viewpoint and gives the understanding and importance of current actions.

In healing, crystal pendulums may be used in making validating healthy choices and additional clarity with diagnosis and health information. Orthoceras may be beneficial for the thymus. Orthoceras may also be effective in the treatment of ailments of the skeletal system and in the lower part of the body such as the feet. Jasper is a helpful crystal tool for enhancing healing, re-energizing the physical body, and may be used for a longer duration due to its gentle and nurturing energies. 

.9oz/ 25g                      with pouch   $35.00

Spider web jasper pendulum measures approximately               1.5"/ 39mm 

Orthoceras measures approximately        2.1" / 54mm 


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