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Orange River Quartz Crystal Cluster #030619
Orange River Quartz Crystal Cluster

Orange River Quartz Crystal Cluster #030619

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Natural frosty white and sparkly brick red brown colored Orange River Quartz Crystal Cluster from the Orange River basin area flowing through South Africa.  Orange River Quartz Clusters get their stunning natural color variations from inclusions of hematite and other trace minerals originating from the environment and thermal areas near the crystal deposits. This Orange River Quartz cluster amplifies energy vibrations in all directions and would be a helpful crystal tool for spiritual development, group work, and healing. Orange River Quartz offers protective energies that grounds and connects to the physical body during out-of-body journeying. The grounding energies of the hematite found in this Orange River crystal cluster radiates energy out to the surrounding environment and absorbs any detrimental energy. Quartz Crystal Clusters enhance harmony and peace in groups, in the family and in other social and/or business environments. Orange River Quartz facilitates cooperation, friendship, and intimacy in relationships. A crystal tool for manifestation, Orange River Quartz resonates and attracts the vibrations of love, successful business enterprise, and abundance into your life. Orange River Quartz resonates with the elemental energies found with rivers and streams representing creation, going with the flow, movement, and purification.

In healing, Orange River Quartz Crystal is an efficient healer as it may help to realign the meridians of the body and encourage energy flow. Orange River Quartz supports the blood, liver and spleen. Orange River Quartz Crystal regulates blood flow, increases the strength of red corpuscles, stimulates the immune system, and the reproductive organs.

        1 lb 2oz/ 509g                 4.1" x 2.8" x 3.3"/ 105mm x 73mm x 84mm                   $75.00 

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