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Ocean Jasper Polished Tower #122119
Ocean Jasper Polished Tower

Ocean Jasper Polished Tower #122119

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Beautifully patterned dark sage green, slate grey, with circular wisps of tan colored small Ocean Jasper polished tower from Madagascar, Africa. This Ocean Jasper tower may be energetically supportive for the movement inward with introspective and creative musings allowing for reflection and study while patiently waiting for new visions. Obelisks and towers are instruments of Divine Timing – marking sacred space and time. Ocean Jasper symbolizes the interconnectedness of all and encourages and supports the pursuit of service for ALL beings. Ocean Jasper reminds one of the cyclical nature and flow of life. Ocean Jasper is gentle and nurturing and helps one remain patient and fluid when coping with changes. Ocean Jasper may be helpful for those who suffer from depression, gently bringing focus to the positive and joyful aspects of life. Ocean Jasper helps one to see and appreciate the many blessings in life. Ocean Jasper facilitates the surfacing of unresolved emotional issues and helps one to accept responsibility for your actions. Ocean Jasper may be helpful to those who want to overcome self-destructive behavior. Ocean Jasper’s healing vibrations facilitate a positive shift in behavior patterns that may have otherwise manifested into disease of self or the environment. Ocean Jasper stimulates the solar-plexus, heart, and throat chakras so one may feel, speak and act with good intentions and positive results. Ocean Jasper helps to release stress, alleviate future worries and escapism bringing attention to the present moment.

In healing, Ocean Orbicular Jasper may be used to affect nutritional stabilization within the body and to improve digestive processes. Ocean Jasper may help to assist in the elimination of toxins, body odor and dis-ease. Ocean Jasper supports the regeneration of tissues in the body and the healing of organs while balancing the glandular system. Ocean Jasper may be beneficial in stabilizing thyroid and balancing the adrenals and endocrine system. 

1.2oz/ 33g             1.9" x .7"/ 50mm x 19mm                      $20.00 

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