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Natural Tektite Specimens #090916
Natural Tektite Specimens

Natural Tektite Specimens #090916

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Amazing Natural Tektite Specimens with dense black pitted surface from China. The word tektite comes from the Greek word tektos, meaning molten. Tektites are the result from a meteor impact that ejected sediments into space. Upon re-entry, the Tektite’s surface acquired a molten “pitted” texture due to the extreme stress of heat and friction. Tektite is believed to enhance communication with other worlds. Tektite also encourages spiritual growth through absorption and retention of higher knowledge. When placed on the chakras, Tektite balances the energy flow and may reverse a chakra that is spinning the wrong way. Tektite’s are helpful tools for those interested in telepathy and clairvoyance. Traditionally, Tektites have been worn as talismans for fertility and balancing the polarities of male-female energies within the aura.


In healing, Tektite have been used to reduce fevers and for support for capillaries and circulation. 
      .4oz+/ 10g+                   1"+/ 27mm+                    1 piece      $5.00   

For more information ~ Black Crystals

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