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Spirit Quartz Crystal Clusters #093019
Spirit Quartz Crystal Clusters

Spirit Quartz Crystal Clusters #093019

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Sparkly natural pale lilac milky gray colored Spirit Quartz Crystal with druzy crystals from the Magaliesburg Mountain region in South Africa.  Spirit Quartz carries the gifts of the spirit and enhancing metaphysical abilities.  Spirit Quartz crystal opens the crown and higher crown chakras, aligning and purifying the entire chakra systems.  Spirit Quartz facilitates out-of-body journeying, assists the ascension process, activates the light body and facilitates multi-dimensional spiritual  and cellular healing.  Spirit Quartz is uplifting and radiates high vibration energy in all directions, a stone of non-duality, perfectly balancing yin and yang.  Spirit Quartz facilitates the transition between brainwave states, facilitating combination states and stimulating heightened awareness and psychic perception.
4.1oz/ 117g         2.2" x 1.6"/ 56mm x 42mm         $30.00 

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