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Natural Rough Iolite Crystals
Natural Rough Iolite Crystals

Natural Rough Iolite Crystals

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Beautiful chunky crystal specimens of natural dark grey purple colored Iolite from India. Iolite is a "vision stone" offering soft and gentle light frequencies as it activates the third eye chakra and facilitates intuitive insight. Iolite helps one align their free will with their highest good when it comes to choices available. Iolite illuminates the energies motivating the choices to be made. Iolite supports perseverance and the release of “poor” past choices as one learns self-trust and the acknowledgment of one’s true essence. Iolite encourages individuality and self-expression. Iolite stimulates connection to inner knowing and facilitates balance with the male/female aspects of one’s character. Iolite creates harmony within and eliminates inconsistency that may be occurring in relationships. Iolite helps to release unhappiness and facilitates positive progression in one’s life. Iolite encourages one to be present, to enjoy each moment, and to express your true AMAZING self.

In healing, Iolite creates a strong constitution, reduces fatty deposits in the body, mitigates the effects of alcohol, and supports detoxification and regeneration of the liver. Iolite may also be helpful in the treatment of malaria and fevers. Iolite supports pituitary health, regulates the metabolism, aids the sinuses, the respiratory system and alleviates migraine headaches. Iolite supports the healing of the eyes.

  1.4oz+/ 38g+               1.4"+/  37mm+                1  stone       $2.00  

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