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Melanite Garnet #010121
natural vitreous Melanite Garnet

Melanite Garnet #010121

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Gorgeous black natural vitreous Melanite Garnet from Michigan, USA. Garnet cleanses and re-energizes the chakras and useful stone to have during challenges and lawsuits.  Garnet teaches relaxation, encourages living with the flow and may be helpful in balancing the hormones.  Garnet activates other crystals and amplifies their effects.  Garnet has a strong link with the pituitary gland and may stimulate expanded awareness and past life recall.  

In healing, it has been said that Melanite Garnet enhances fertility and aids with the assimilation of Vitamin A.  Melanite Garnet is may be helpful in the treatment for arthritis and rheumatism and fortifies the kidneys.  Melanite Garnet may also beneficial for the mucus membranes and skin.  

13.9oz/ 399g             2.3"/ 60mm               1 piece    $15.00 

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