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Natural Fluorite Specimen #11720
Natural Fluorite Specimen

Natural Fluorite Specimen #11720

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Nice palm sized natural Fluorite specimen with beautiful colorful bands of grape purple, sea foam green, and snow white from Mexico. Blue-green Fluorite is soothing for the mental state, relaxing, and focusing thoughts. Blue-green Fluorite crystals are helpful for critical analysis and logic, support memory retention and accuracy. Fluorite is a wonderful protective crystal tool for developing and enhancing psychic abilities, pursuing artistic or spiritual endeavors. Fluorite helps you discern when outside influences are at work within yourself and shuts off psychic manipulation and undue mental influence. Fluorite Crystals help one manifest their true potential by supporting feelings of self-confidence enabling them to move positively forward and achieve greater fulfillment and harmony in their lives. Blue-green Fluorite is energetically balancing emotionally, spiritually, and supports physical well-being and good health. Fluorite draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds. Fluorite cleanses, purifies, dispels and reorganizes anything within the body that is not in perfect order. 

In healing, green-blue Fluorite may have a soothing effect on the sympathetic nervous system and would be helpful in the reduction stress, anxiety, nervousness, while alleviating insomnia and fatigue. 

13.7oz/ 389g              3.2" x 2" x 1.9"/ 81mm x 51mm  x 49mm            $40.00 

Healing attributes and metaphysical properties

For more information ~ Blue Crystals and Green Crystals

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