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Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster #092418
Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster

Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster #092418

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Beautiful natural Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster with a fine surface coating of butterscotch colored iron oxide, manganese, and sparkly druzy crystals. This beautiful Quartz crystal cluster amplifies energy vibrations in all directions and would be a helpful crystal tool for meditation, spiritual development, group work, and healing. The grounding energies of the iron oxide radiate energy out to the surrounding environment and absorb detrimental energy. Quartz Crystal Clusters enhance harmony and peace in groups, in the family and in other social and/or business environments. Iron oxide and manganese energetically enhance protection and purification in environments while facilitating cooperation, friendship, and intimacy in relationships. Manganese is grounding and balancing for the emotions and the physical body. Manganese supports the attitude of spontaneity, positivity, and creativity.

8.5oz / 241g         4.2" x 3.3" x 1.8"/ 108mm x 85mm x 45mm        $105.00


For more information ~ Crystals from Arkansas

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