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CHAKRA(S): Third Eye and Throat Chakra


ZODIAC: Gemini

CHARACTERISTICS: Creativity, awareness, and communication


SCIENTIFIC: Mozarkite was formed during the Ordovician geological period 505 to 441 million years ago. A form of Chert, multi-colored Mozarkite crystallizes as a silica quartz mass with varying amounts Chalcedony quartz. Mozarkite’s hardness is rated at 6 to 7 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. Named after the Ozark Mountains, Mozarkite is the state rock of Missouri. The name MOZARKITE was created from a combination of the following words “Mo” (Missouri), “zark” (Ozarks) and “ite” (meaning rock).  Mozarkite is found primarily in west-central Missouri, USA.

ATTRIBUTES: Mozarkite stimulates awareness and strengthens mental concentration that helps with the understanding of information. Mozarkite also supports clear communication. Mozarkite enhances psychic abilities and telepathy allowing for clear messages and information to come through spiritual channels. Mozarkite also supports the seeking of knowledge and astral traveling. Mozarkite may help to alleviate worrisome thoughts and negative thinking patterns. Mozarkite allows one to recognize the sum total of life experiences and the acknowledgement that current situations in one’s life are due to the choices one has made in the past. Mozarkite teaches one to be responsible with one’s thoughts as they are powerful. Energy flows where thoughts go. Mozarkite is a useful crystal tool for balancing the energy of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Mozarkite has a nurturing energy; it alleviates hostilities, irritability and melancholy and encourages kindness and all good qualities.

HEALING: Mozarkite may be helpful to alleviate vertigo and nervous disorders. Mozarkite may be healing for throat, speech issues, and disorders of the vocal cords.


Mozarkite is a wonderful crystal tool for actors and public speakers, as it supports creativity and confidence when performing.

It has been said that Mozarkite helps to alleviate the fear of needles.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Mozarkite stimulates the throat and third eye chakras.

For Gaia Healing, Mozarkite may be used for dowsing in an area of disturbed Earth energy to help the healing of the Earth.