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CHAKRA(S): Third Eye, Throat, Crown, Heart

Vibration:  Numbers 2, and 6

Zodiac: All, predominantly Scorpio

ATTRIBUTES:  Moldavite, a beautiful dark green tektite, is found near the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia. Moldavite was formed during meteoric action which produced a strew field of this beautiful green stone. Moldavite is one of the rare variety of tektites formed over 15 million years ago. Moldavite is known as a gem-quality stone of extra-terrestrial origin. The word tektite comes from the Greek word "tektos" meaning "molten." Moldavite is the stone to serve the inhabitants of this planet. Moldavite stimulates cooperation between those of extra-terrestrial origins and those experiencing life on Earth. Moldavite carries one beyond the mundane existence of daily life, supporting vision and energy to manifest your intentions into physical reality. Moldavite resonates with higher dimensional galactic energies drawing them into the Earth plane connecting to those thought-patterns and light-vibrations which are optimal for manifestation, ascension, and illumination.

Tektite's have been prized by early humans as far back Paleolithic times and have used sharp-edged Moldavite as tools and also worn pieces as amulets. Moldavite energetic vibrations have a catalyzing effect on one's spiritual evolution and the ability to ground light vibrations for the healing Earth. Moldavite's energies often create the physical sensation of heat when holding the tektite. Accompanying this experience, there sometimes a feeling of pulsating energy that physically warms the whole person, sometimes causing sweating and/or flushing. Moldavite's energies may also activate the heart chakra accompanied by a pounding pulse or a gentle flower-like opening sensation. Moldavite's transforming energies may initiate an emotional release. Moldavite goes to the source of the imbalance or disease, seeking to re-establish the vibration of wholeness or perfection.

Moldavite works well with quartz, which adds the factors of amplification, stabilization, and a wide range of energy, to the focused and specific resonating vibration of Moldavite. Moldavite is composed of approximately eighty percent silica which allows it to work well with many Quartz crystals. Here are some suggestions of crystal combinations that harmonize with the energies of Moldavite:


CLEAR QUARTZ serves to harmonize and amplify the energetic power of Moldavite. The combination of clear quartz and moldavite is especially powerful for meditation, contacts with spirit guides, creation of healing grids, light tools, and amplifying the energy in the environment.

HERKIMER DIAMONDS are the most spiritually uplifting of the clear quartz crystals. Herkimer Diamonds are known as vision crystals. The combination of Herkimer Diamond and Moldavite expand the visual aspect of meditation, and soar to the heights.

AMETHYST the Crown Chakra is activated with Amethyst. The Crown or Seventh Chakra is the spiritual pinnacle of the mind centers.

ROSE QUARTZ: The energy of Moldavite is quite intense, for those sensitive persons who wish to soften it, Rose Quartz makes the perfect stone, its gentle loving energies remedies any overwhelming feelings.

CITRINE: This stone is often used for mental clarity, and the combination can facilitate enhanced performance of the rational mind, as well as the bridging of concepts and the creation of new metaphors.

RUTILATED QUARTZ: This stone adds an electrical-feeling zap of intensity and this combination also tends to enhance ones physical energy.

SMOKEY QUARTZ: This stone provides a graceful counterbalancing energy that helps one stay grounded, even while ones consciousness roams the cosmos. This combination also helps us go inward to the Depths of our beings, to know and heal ourselves.

These rare crystals that brings in the red ray of the first chakra, which can catalyze the rising of the kundalini. This combination together are physically energizing and strengthening releasing of old held angers, judgments, fears, and aggression.

QUARTZ WITH BLACK TOURMALINE: Quartz laced with Black Tourmaline, called Tourmalinated Quartz is thought to offer protection through the elimination of negative energy. Combining this with Moldavite synchronizes the strength of both stones and lends amplification to ones spiritual intent.

SUGILITE: This highly spiritual stone, discovered in Africa, is one of the best combination stones with Moldavite. Sugilite is also known as Luvulite, is a deep purple, and is a powerful activator for the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. The combination of stones can bring deep spiritual energy into ones whole auric field. When the stones are held together in mediation or worn, a deep harmonic energy reverberate throughout the entire body, which can be awaken and empower gentle spirits that have been beaten down by the psychic violence of life on Earth.

LAPIS LAZULI: This stone is thought to awaken royal virtues of wisdom, compassion, truthfulness and inner sovereignty. It is also a stone of emotional healing, Lapis Lazuli can be combined with Moldavite and Amethyst to do deep healing work in the area of the emotions.

PHENACITE: This is a truly rare stone, a clear beryllium silicate crystal that usually grows in a naturally faceted disc-shaped form. Phenacite with Moldavite can quickly energize the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra; Phenacite seems to instantly center one, while at the same time allowing for a gentle, cloud-like expansion of conscious awareness. Alignment, expansion, peace, and inner silence are the words that summarize the effect of these stones together.

AQUAMARINE: This stone can cool off fire, helps focus the energies of Moldavite at the Throat Chakra, facilitating ones opening to better communication, which also raises the level of ones communication to a higher spiritual octave. This combination assists in removing blocks in the realms of medium ship or of channeling one's higher wisdom.

GEM SILICA: Gem Silica is a blue stone, similar in shade with Turquoise, characterized by translucent blue quartz crystallization. Combined together, this yin power is elevated to the level of the archetypal Goddess energy. In meditation they facilitate the unearthing of old negative emotions for healing. Though often worn by women, they can be a boon to men who need to open their feminine side.

RHODOCROSITE: This stone brings gentle nurturing quality and can engender a state of mind which it feels safe to allow suppressed memories to surface. When Moldavite and Rhodocrosite is combined, can facilitate deep healing of these wounds from the past.

SELENITE: A stone that activates perception of the psychic world, Selenite with Moldavite, can induce deep meditations and out-of-body travel. The wands and swords are good for directional channeling of subtle energies and easily lends to the transmission of the energies of Moldavite and the combination of these stones is promising to the creation of Light Tools and energy environments.

OBSIDIAN: Chemically closer to Moldavite than almost any other stone, nonetheless Obsidian has different energy, which aligns with Moldavite in a very interesting way. While Moldavite opens and raises the spiritual aspect of one's consciousness and offers protection, Obsidian absorbs negative energy in the environment and at the same time helps one to keep grounded.

AZURITE WITH MALACHITE: This combination of both stones is helpful for those who wish to focus on the task of healing the Earth. Provides both grounding and healing, and in its blue/green coloration similar to the Earth viewed from above, Azurite/Malachite characterizes the energies of our planet. When one brings to this the heavenly energies of Moldavite, the flow between them is microcosm of the dynamic healing process now beginning here. Holding these two together, while visualizing the follow of Divine Light from the cosmic Source through us into the Earth, we can feel the expansion of our capacity to act as channels for planetary healing. In so doing, we can feel the enlargement of our health in all levels.

KUNZITE: Kunzite provides the highest level activation of the heart chakra. The Pink Kunzite enhances qualities of self-love and emotional stability. Moldavite is the heavenly representative of the heaven and earth heart union, opens one to the inflow of Light, and to its expression in the world through ourselves. Kunzite centers the energies of both Moldavite and itself at the heart and allows one to express the full power of Divine Love. Moldavite and Kunzite are best worn together at the center of the chest, and this is also a good placement for body layouts in which heart chakra activation is a goal.

DIAMOND: Is a good amplifier/intensifier of the energies of other stones. Moldavite energies can be brought into laser-like focus when used with diamond; which is one of the highest vibrational stones for activation of the crown chakra and connection with Infinite Source. Together, these stones provide a powerful doorway to the perception of Cosmic Oneness and Unity.

OPAL: magnifies our feelings to the point where we cannot ignore them and it can thus be very helpful in rooting out fears and resentments that have slipped below our levels of awareness. Moldavites high vibration makes all this happen faster and on deeper levels. Opal brings the classic Moldavite Cleansing into focus on the emotional realm.

HEMATITE: Hematite is a good grounding stone recommended after a session of using Moldavite. The grounding of Moldavite energy is usually accomplished with Smokey Quartz.

MOONSTONE: in India, it is a traditional gift of good luck for marriage, thought to harmonize relationship. In Western tradition, it has been associated with the Goddess energy, used as a means of connecting with ones feminine power. Pairing Moonstone and Moldavite softens the intensity of the Moldavite while energizing the Moonstone to a higher octave of the Yin power.

CELESTITE: Celestite's energy offers a gentle lift into the higher realms of consciousness. The realms opened by Celestite are tranquil and placid, the kind of heaven-image in which all the angels sit playing their harps on the clouds. Combining both can give access to inner-celestial domains in which the mode of experience is a kind of high-energy calm, like the eye cyclone, which can be enjoyable but not grounding.

FLUORITE: the initial feelings brought about by Moldavite with spaciness and rushing energies is localized and easier when holding or carrying Fluorite. The natural octahedron Fluorite is the form suited for this purpose. It is encouraged to experiment with Moldavite alone or with other stones to realize the potential of the stone within ones inner quiet. Raw Moldavite alone is a powerful tool, bringing one into resonance with a higher and clearer vibration.


CHARGING SPACES: quartz clusters with Moldavite can be used in meditation rooms or healing chambers can be filled with Moldavites high vibrations by simply placing one or more pieces of raw or faceted Moldavite on a quartz cluster somewhere in the room. Clusters have the ability to amplify and disperse the energy in all direction and Moldavite also helps keep the quartz free of negative energies, although advisable to cleanse crystals when you feel the need.

CHARGING WATER: To bring Moldavite energy inside the body, one way to do it is Moldavite Water. Place a glass container of spring water with a Moldavite in it outdoors in the sun for at least two hours. The solar energy charges both the Moldavite and the water. It is suggested to keep a record of your experiences over several months. Channeled sources have said have said that drinking Moldavite with water will help awaken the Kundalini energy. 

CHARGING THE BATH: To cleanse your aura and charge yourself with Moldavite energy, try a Moldavite bath. Place your Moldavite pieces in a warm or hot tub to which sea salt has been added. Place in piece of Moldavite on each side and piece at both the head and foot of the tub and can be combined with other stones as long as the stones are not toxic or porous. Moldavite baths are helpful in overcoming physical exhaustion and stress and great for self healing and over all strengthening, as well as chakra activation.

DREAM STATE: For those who want enhanced dream states, and who want to do more than tape a Moldavite to the third eye, there is the Moldavite bed. At the four corners of the bed, place quartz crystals to which Moldavite has been glued, with terminations pointing to the center of the bed. Then place a number of raw Moldavites under the mattress in a lengthwise line beneath where you will be sleeping. If you wish, you may hang downward pointing quartz crystals with attached Moldavites over the bed as well. Needless to say, this creates a highly charged atmosphere for sleep. In fact, you may be unable to sleep in this environment. The ideal situation would be to use a set up in a spare room with a bed that can be used for meditation and occasional sleep. Sleeping with Moldavite has brought vivid dreams going to some kind of spiritual school, as well as enhanced action-adventure dreams.

HEALING SPACE: People who are receiving bodywork are often very open to receiving healing energies. A good practitioner is sensitive to this and uses the sessions to channel healing and Light to the client. Attaching Moldavite to the underside of the massage table is a way of helping the client open and resonate to its high spiritual vibration. This can help recharge the individual with Life Force, and that it can help open the chakras for release of blocked energies and recommend that practitioners let their clients know that they are working with Moldavite or any other stones. Or you can infuse the healing room atmosphere with Moldavite energies through the placement of quartz clusters with attached Moldavite in various placed throughout the room.