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ZODIAC: Capricorn

SCIENTIFIC: Mimetite is found in botryoidal, granular, tabular, and acicular aggregates. Mimetite is a secondary mineral forming in oxidized areas of lead deposits and other places where lead and arsenic occur together. Mimetite’s hardness is rated at 3.5 to 4 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. Mimetite’s color ranges include shades of yellow, orange, brown and sometimes green or colorless. Mimetite is named after the Greek word “mimetes” meaning “imitator” referring to its resemblance to pyromorphite. Mimetite is subtransparent with a resinous luster. Mimetite is found in Mexico, Germany, Greece, Namibia, Australia, and in the United States.

ATTRIBUTES: Mimetite can be used to enhance the spirit of adventure and smooth all aspect of responsibilities to a tolerable level. Mimetite alleviates the tendency for one to imitate or copy the mannerisms, demeanor, or life style of another; therefore, creating an energy of practical independence. Mimetite leads one to the source of wisdom and provides protection while receiving information. Mimetite facilitates channeling and enhances communicative and receiver modes for clarity and precision.

HEALING: Mimetite may be used to correct conditions of atrophy, immobility, skeletal and throat disorders.