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CHAKRA(S): Heart & Crown 



ATTRIBUTES:  Magnesite brings a calming, deep peace to meditation and relaxation.  Magnesite enhances visualization when placed on the third eye.  It brings grounding to the intellect and assists in opening the crown chakra.  Magnesite opens the heart chakra and stimulates heartfelt love, including love for the self.  Magnesite may be very helpful in the practice of unconditional love in situations where relationships with other people are difficult because of behavioral issues or addictive tendencies.  Magnesite helps you to feel centered.  Magnesite brings to the surface all forms of self deceit.  This stone may assist you with recognizing unconscious thoughts and feelings. The brain-like form of Magnesite has a powerful effect to on the mind; bringing the brain hemispheres into harmony and stimulating ideas and their application.  This stone brings a calming effect to the emotions, promoting tolerance for emotional stress and may be helpful for people who are nervous, fearful helping them to overcome irritability and intolerance.

HEALING: Magnesite contains a high level of magnesium and aids with its absorption in the body.  Magnesite may be used to enhance the purification of the cells.  It detoxifies and neutralizes body odor. Magnesite acts as an antispasmodic and muscle relaxant aiding in the treatment of menstrual, stomach, intestinal, or vascular cramps and the pain from gallbladder and kidney stones.  Magnesite may be helpful in the treatment of bone and teeth disorders. Magnesite may help to relieve the pain from headaches, especially migraines, and slows blood clotting.  This mineral speeds ups up fat metabolism and disperses cholesterol, preventing arteriosclerosis and angina.  Magnesite may be a useful preventative for heart disease.  Magnesite helps to balance body temperature, lessening fevers and chills.  Magnesite may be used as a gem essence for internal or external application.