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Lemon Quartz Crystal Tumbled Stones #031818
Lemon Quartz Crystal Tumbled Stones

Lemon Quartz Crystal Tumbled Stones #031818

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Stunning translucent yellow Lemon Quartz Crystal Tumbled Stones from China.  Lemon Quartz is a beautiful variety of yellow quartz and a sister stone to the more orange toned Citrine Quartz Crystal and purple colored Ametrine. Lemon quartz crystal is created by heating amethyst, yellow quartz and iron together at extremely high temperatures. This irradiating process is what gives lemon quartz its brilliant, yellow color.  Alchemically created, Lemon Quartz shares the metaphysical properties of Citrine, Amethyst, and Quartz Crystals. Lemon Quartz connects the physical realm with higher consciousness. Lemon Quartz’s bright clear lemony color and vibration may help to clear stress and tension, bringing better focus to meditation, clearer decision making, and the attainment of personal goals. Lemon quartz is an energetic stone, stimulating creativity, vitality and fosters a positive outlook on life eliminating self-doubt, anxiety, and depression. Lemon Quartz may help to release blockages in the physical, emotional, and mental subtle bodies. 

.8oz+ / 22g+             1.4"+ / 36mm +                 1 piece         $5.00 

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