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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point Pendant #083118
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point Pendant

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point Pendant #083118

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Beautiful midnight blue polished Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point Pendant capped in silver on a black cord.  Lapis Lazuli bonds relationships with love and friendship, aiding in the expression of feelings and emotions. Lapis Lazuli may enhance dream work and psychic abilities, facilitate spiritual journeying, and stimulate feelings of empowerment. Lapis Lazuli maybe helpful to release feelings of stress and creating peace. Lapis Lazuli is a protective stone recognizing and blocking psychic attacks returning the energy to its source. Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. Lapis Lazuli teaches the power of the spoken word encouraging responsibility in life fostering self-awareness and speaking clearly and with compassion during communications.

In healing, Lapis Lazuli may be helpful in alleviating pain, especially that of migraine headaches. Lapis Lazuli may benefit the respiratory and nervous system. 

.7oz/ 21g              1.5" x .6"/ 39mm x 17mm                      $35.00 

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