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CHAKRAS: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, All 



CHARACTERISTICS: Emotional Healing and Balance, Peace, and Stress Relief 

ATTRIBUTES: Lepidolite is a wonderful crystal tool supporting energetic transformation for the highest good. The energetic vibrations emitted by Lepidolite brings forth pure and loving light frequencies to those who use the stone. Lepidolite is calming and soothing, as it helps to release stress while supporting one on the path of willing acceptance. Lepidolite dissipates negativity releasing and reorganizing old emotional and behavioral patterns through the reconciliation and examination process brought by change. Lepidolite helps one find a harmonious path to action and facilitates the understanding that perceived problems may be viewed as positive learning opportunities. Lepidolite encourages independence and self-reliance while achieving personal goals and enhancing the awareness of well-being. With its Lithium content, Lepidolite is an extremely useful crystal tool for the reduction of stress and to alleviate feelings of depression. Lepidolite halts obsessive thoughts, relieves the sense of despondency and overcomes insomnia. Lepidolite takes the “what if’s” worries and replaces them with an appreciation of the present moment. Lepidolite stimulates the intellect with its analytic qualities. Lepidolite facilitates decision making through objectivity and concentration. Filtering distractions, Lepidolite focuses on what is important. Lepidolite is also helpful for those who have difficulty in setting appropriate boundaries. Lepidolite helps one overcome the fear of judgment and helps one to identify and set strong, clear boundaries on all levels – emotional, physical, and energetic. With the creation of these personal energetic boundaries, Lepidolite supports self-discipline and the concept of one’s personal “space.” Lepidolite is an excellent stone for business, as it combines the energy of diplomacy with direction and clear communication. This stone assists one with openness and honesty and supports one in handling “situations” in the highest way, preserving one’s integrity and well-being.


HEALING: Lepidolite relieves allergies, strengthens the immune system, restructures DNA and enhances the generation of negative ions. Lepidolite relieves exhaustion and epilepsy. Lepidolite also is helpful for numbing sciatica and neuralgia and in overcoming joint problems. Lepidolite is a detoxifier for the skin and connective tissue. Lepidolite is excellent for menopause, especially as a gem elixir. Lepidolite facilitates the treatment of illnesses caused by “sick-building syndrome” or computer stress. Lepidolite may energetically slow down states of hyperactivity and/or lend a balancing support for those who deal with attention deficit disorder issues.



Place a piece of Lepidolite under your pillow for relief from sleep disturbances, including insomnia due to stress or worry, or nightmares. 


Place a piece of Lepidolite near your computer or other source of electromagnetic pollution to clear and filter the effects of subtle radiation and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). 


Lepidolite is an excellent tool for shamanic or spiritual journeying and accessing the Akashic Record. Lepidolite tunes you into the thoughts and feelings from past lives that may be creating energetic blockages in your present life. 


Lepidolite contains lithium and is helpful in stabilizing mood swings and bipolar disorders, excellent for overcoming any kind of emotional or mental dependency, supportive in releasing from addictions and complains of all kinds including anorexia. 

Lepidolite provides excellent energetic support for those seeking growth and wisdom through inner work. For those who are involved in therapy, rebirthing, part of a 12 step program, or deep inner spiritual work or meditation, Lepidolite facilitates the movement necessary to achieve the desired results and behavioral changes. 

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Lepidolite activates and opens the throat, heart, third eye, and crown chakras, clearing energetic blockages and bringing cosmic awareness. Lepidolite passes its healing light vibrations through the body and chakras creating a spiraling vortex of balancing polarity energy - positive to negative and vice versa. Lepidolite facilitates the presence of all light frequencies within the aura.  Lepidolite vibrates with the purple light ray frequency creating a greater conscious awareness. Lepidolite’s purple ray frequency resonates specifically within the middle range of frequencies of the third eye chakra. Lepidolite creates balance within the body through energetic polarity - bringing or removing in perfect balance the exact frequencies needed by the body and chakras. Lepidolite activates the heart chakra, releasing an expansive, loving energy through the auric field.

For Gaia Healing, Lepidolite may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. Lepidolite is known for its powerful filtering and clearing action; as it is very effective in blocking geopathic stress, absorbing microwaves and cell phone emanations, and protects against electromagnetic pollution. Lepidolite may be placed between you and the source of electromagnetic pollution. Lepidolite acts as calming agent when placed in one’s environment.

The energy of Lepidolite combines well with other lithium-bearing minerals such as Tourmaline, Kunzite, Petalite and Amblygonite. Lepodlite also harmonizes well with such crystals as Amethyst, Phenacite, Lemurian Seed Crystals, Aqua Lemuria and Alexandrite