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CHAKRA(S): Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Crown and Etheric  

VIBRATION: Number 6 and 55  


ATTRIBUTES: Ethereal Larimar is one of the "spiritual stones" that opens one to new dimensions.  Larimar is a unique form of Pectolite, recently discovered in 1970, in the Dominican Republic.  Larimar in spanish means "sea" and was named after the combination names of Larissa and Mar.  Larimar stimulates the third eye, heart, crown and throat chakras promoting self healing.  Larimar is an earth-healing stone and connects to the energy of Gaia, supporting alignment with the feminine restoring the connection with nature and goddess energy.  Larimar facilitates angelic contact and communication with other realms. Larimar is an excellent crystal tool for those seeking a soul mate and facilitates healing of past-life relationships or heart trauma.  Larimar energetic vibration radiates love and peace promoting feelings of tranquility and helps to induce a deeper meditative state.  Larimar energetic vibrations raise levels of consciousness, harmonizing body and soul to new vibrations. 

HEALING: Larimar promotes self-healing and may be used for cartilage and throat conditions, dissolving energy blockages in the chest, head, neck, inflammatory condition, infection, and fever.  Larimar may be laid on constricted joints or blocked arteries and when placed on a painful spot, it may quietly draw out pain.  Larimar may be used as a reflexology tool to pin-point the site of dis-ease and clear the meridians of the body.