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Iolite-Sunstone Tumble Stone #062116
Iolite-Sunstone Tumble Stone

Iolite-Sunstone Tumble Stone #062116

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Beautiful dark purple blue Iolite-Sunstone tumblestones from India. This amazing crystal configuration (one of my personal favorites) combines both the properties of Iolite and Sunstone. Iolite-Sunstone stimulates the third-eye and crown chakra aiding spiritual visions. Iolite-Sunstone opens and activates the heart chakra. Iolite-Sunstone motivates one to move forward and actualize their dreams and goals. Iolite-Sunstone embodies the vibration of creative energy and is a powerful stone for those involved in the arts, visionary artists, writers, musicians, dancers and actors. Iolite-Sunstone is inspiring and aids in communication and expression. Iolite-Sunstone assists in overcoming creative blockages and allows one to take ideas through the process of manifestation and into physical form. Iolite-Sunstone may be helpful to alleviate headaches. Iolite-Sunstone enhances physical energy, metabolism, and weight loss. Iolite-Sunstone vibrates to the number 8. 
.7oz+/ 20g+               1"+/  25mm+                1pc       $5.00  

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