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Hemimorphite Natural Crystal #050818
Hemimorphite Natural Crystal

Hemimorphite Natural Crystal #050818

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Wonderful soft teal blue colored Hemimorphite Natural Crystal Cluster on layered limestone matrix from 79 Mine, Gila County, Arizona, USA. Hemimorphite is a stone of transformation that manifests the well-being on many levels, blending joy and sorrow into compassionate involvement and empathy for others. Grief transforms into joy with the support of Hemimorphite's calming and balancing energetic vibrations. Hemimorphite may help one face up to emotions and supports the release of all attachments allowing one to move forward in life. Hemimorphite reminds one that we are responsible for our state of happiness or unhappiness. Hemimorphite may enable one to be open to communication, as a medium or a channel, with beings who have transitioned over to the spiritual realms. Hemimorphite is a stone of light activation, assisting one in integrating more light into the energetic, emotional, and physical bodies. 

In healing, Hemimorphite helps relives hormone related headaches and PMS symptoms. Hemimorphite is very helpful in balancing when moving through hormonal shifts. Hemimorphite may also be used in the treatment of disorders of the blood, soothe ulcers, and as a pain reducer. Hemimorphite may be used to provide support for dieting and body maintenance.

  4.1oz/ 117g       3.2" x 1.8" x 1.1"/ 82mm x 46mm x 29mm            $25.00

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