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Hematite Faceted Polished Wand #062219
Hematite Faceted Polished Wand

Hematite Faceted Polished Wand #062219

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Nicely weighted beautiful metallic faceted Hematite polished massage wand. In crystal layouts or healing grids, this Hematite wand may help to facilitate the balancing of yin-yang energies by unblocking meridians within the body. Hematite works with the lowest and slowest black light frequencies, grounding and reflecting back dense energies creating a stable energetic flow and connection between the ethereal and physical nervous system. Hematite may facilitate the process of enlightenment, helping to assimilate and bring Light Body energy back into the physical body. Hematite is a wonderful crystal tool to boost feelings of self-confidence, enhances will power and may be useful in overcoming compulsions and addictions. Hematite is helpful for those to move beyond perceived limitations and manifest dreams and goals into reality. As a grounding stone, Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, memory enhancement, and original thinking.

In healing, Hematite may be helpful in the treatment of circulatory problems and blood conditions such as anemia. Hematite supports the regeneration of tissue and the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells.

1.2oz/ 35g         2.1" x .5"/ 55mm x 14mm           $30.00 


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